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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SuperTyphoon Haiyan (Local Name: Yolanda)

Upon seeing the pictures of ruins, frustrated people and lifeless bodies of fellowmen after the super-storm that hit the Philippines, I was distraught.  I am crying inside.  When will this stop? I wonder.

The Philippines was recently challenged with conflicts in Mindanao and then a powerful earthquake which also claimed lives last 15 October 2013.  And now, Haiyan!  

Bohol Earthquake - October 2013

 Click image to enlarge

The World watched as Haiyan (Yolanda) made its landfall to the provinces of Samar and Leyte, sweeping everything in its path.  The government did what they can to prepare the people for the upcoming storm.  But no-one was prepared for the storm surges.

Water rose up to 10m in height.  The once sturdy structure you call home was just washed by crashing waves.  You can't go out because there's water everywhere.  With the wind speed of 315kph, it can blow you away.

Pictures upon pictures of devastation, crying people looking for their missing relatives.  It's heartbreaking.

More pictures at Yahoo! Philippines and ABS-CBN Website

I feel helpless.  I want to be there but I can't.  I did what I can to help out from where I am but I feel it's not enough.  I can't blame anyone.  It's a natural occurence.

I felt, no matter how prepared you are, there are things you can never be prepared of.  People were misunderstood and uninformed of the storm surges as they don't know what it is.  I'm not saying what they did isn't enough, you can only do so much.

What did I see?
  • People need comfort
  • People need help.
  • They need food.
  • They need shelter.
  • They need water.

What can we give?

Cash and in-kind donations are welcome.  Several foundations and charities have set up drop off centers for donors.  People need water, clothes, blankets, medicines, and food among others.  Although they don't have water, they still accept toiletries.

You can give them in packs or individuals.  Kindly refrain from giving noodles.  They need water to eat them, and they're struggling for it.

Kits such as the one below are the best.

Let us unite and pray for the survivors of the #SupertyphoonHaiyan.  Keep your faith.  We can do this, Filipinos.  Don't lose hope.

Images are credited to its rightful owners.
Sources:  Yahoo! Philippines, Mormon News Room, ABS-CBN News, GMA Network, Philippine Red Cross

Cash donations can be accepted through the banks indicated in the above websites.

Philippine Red Cross is in need of volunteers.  Refer to Philippine Red Cross website for details on how to volunteer and to know what to put in your Lifeline Kit.

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