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Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Series: Save Money on Invitations

There comes a time when a woman, regardless of age, is assigned to do the invitation.  No matter how simple and trivial it may seem, we all seemed to panic at the thought.  What do we do?  Who do we ask?  Where should we print?  What paper to use?  What are we going to write?

As much as there are templates of several invitation samples out there, not all were appropriate.  Not all were what you would like it to look.
If you are like me, kind of OCD, nothing is ever good enough for me.  And sadly, the more revision I make, the more expensive it becomes.  So unless you are good in graphics designing, there's really not much you can do but go for the cheapest and simplest design.

You can however, look for something alternative.  You can still put your input on it, but still make it look professional... and most of it are free.

  • Download and Print.  As the name implied, you can download and print your own DIY invitations for almost all occasions.
  • PS Print 
  • The Wedding Chick.  They're wedding experts and have samples and templates of wedding invitations.
  • Invys.  Invitation experts.  You can customize the invitations, change color, change texts, change fonts for birthdays and weddings.  Although, you can use the template too for other occasions and events.
As much as I want to enumerate the sites that I've gone to for several invitation templates, it is better to Google it.  I love Google. LOL!

But if you are familiar with any desktop publishing or graphics designing, it is still best to make it from scratch with the following softwares:
  • Microsoft Publisher.  For me, easiest desktop publishing software and it's part of the Microsoft Office Professional, can you believe that?  If you have one, why not try to explore its functions and enjoy the free desktop designs it provide.
  • Print Artist.  This is a more intricate, more elaborate and more detailed desktop publishing software.  Although, what I have is old, it never failed me when I needed design inspiration.  You'll get the hang of it, eventually.
  • Hallmark cards and desktop publishing designs.  I haven't installed it but from what I've gathered, they have some touching poems and quotes.  You'll love writing your own cards soon - old school.
If you however, love graphics design, you probably have a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or other software.

I just can't wait to get my hands to some projects and give "thank you" cards for any event. :) 

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