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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Inexpensive Ways to Feel Sexy

All Women have insecurities. It could be being too short, too skinny, too fat, too.... whatever! And for someone who hears this all the time, it's tiring. I am not perfect... way, waaaayyyyyyy imperfect. But when I need a confidence boost, I always do these: 
  • Eye contact.   When you talk to a person, maintain eye contact. It's more personal and the longer you stare (not in a creepy way), the more relaxed you become and so as the person you are talking to. 
  • No nonsense talk. People want to know you. But that doesn't mean you have to be argue every single thing just to prove your point. What they mean is... you have your own opinion, say or principle on a certain topic that you stick to. It's nice to have contrast. People notice me more when I say something contradicting... not rude though. They find it interesting that I don't exactly share their thoughts. 
  • Sit and Stand straight. Trying a different posture helps in boosting confidence, why not give it a try? 
  • Wear Heels. Notice that when you wear heels, you walk differently - at least I do. I walk straighter, more feminine, because I don't want to ruin really good shoes.
  • Wear Lipstick (Make-up). Not all of us are fond of make-up. Believe me, I don't. But it creates wonders. Lipstick enhances your lips especially if you choose the right shade. Nothing too bold or too flashy. You can also use lip gloss instead of lipstick. You can look into the how-to videos in YouTube to learn how to apply make up properly (that's what I did). 
  • Smile.  Smile generally makes you approachable. People are comfortable around you when you smile.  
  • Laugh out Loud. i love a good laugh... you know! A very hearty laugh... almost like catching your breath, you want to roll on the floor and just laugh it all out. People are drawn to me when I laugh. They say it's contagious. The joke wasn't even that funny yet, they all laugh because of me... They laugh with me, not at me.
  • Accessorize. Add a watch, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, etc. Match them all. One of our church-mates says she likes how I dress up and accessorize. My earrings always match my shirt. :)
  • Exercise. Try it... you feel better after just one session. :)  As an update,  I only work out at least 5 minutes a day and not more than 15 minutes.  It works just fine.  I lost 3 kg.  I started in May 2014.
  • Think Positive. Your outlook in life radiates through you. You glow. If you are positive, it shows in your face. If you are negative.. well, it reflects too.

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