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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"On the Money" on ANC

I have learned most of the tips for personal finance online but it was only a few months back that I've come to know about "On the Money".

"On the Money" is a daily show of ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC).  I have the option to watch them online should I miss any of their episodes.  Interestingly, their topics are broad but ultimately, they wanted to inform Filipinos how to properly invest, guide them, and give them advise on how to better manage their finances.  I admit, I am one of those who live on paychecks-to-paychecks.

They weren't on air that long either.  I think, just about a year now.  And the past few episodes are mostly "the best of..." series.

Now, I don't really like endorsing shows or products, but I like that the show is applicable on "my setting" which is investments, personal finance, real estate, etc. for Filipinos.  And although, most of the tips are applicable to any nationality, there are just few tweaks that I think wouldn't be appropriate for certain countries.

For example, Social Security.  Basics of social security are more likely the same in any country.  But the entity, as a government institution, I guess there are few differences.  But all in all, the Social Security functions for the benefits of its members.  And from the episodes I watched in "On the Money", I haven't seen Social Security topic.

There was another show in their rival channel that tackles also finances.  However, they focus more on investment since they are an investment firm (I think).

Anyway, I am glad I get to watch it and hope to watch its succeeding episodes.  It helps to be informed and they give away great tips.  I am not sure I would be able to do most of it but I will always keep it in mind.  They just started their second season.  I look forward for more episodes.
For previous episodes, I can access it through and  Also accessed through alkansiyanijuan website through here.

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