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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Obsession with small spaces

Living simply doesn't mean you live in a small house.  But my obsession has brought me to grandiose tiny living.  I guess you can always simplify your life.  You don't need clutter.

Here are some of the small space designs that caught my eyes:

I've seen these pictures in Google images.  Sadly, I didn't get their links.  Who says you can't live glamorously in small house?  It's just a matter design.

Of course, there are advantages in having small house.  In other countries, there are actually huge tax deductions.  Since they're small, I guess, you have budgeted it well.

Other advantages:

  • Uncluttered space.  You only have what you need.
  • Multipurpose furniture.  Dual or more purposes for a piece of furniture.  Can be used as storage, another furniture, a chair, etc.
  • Multifunction Rooms.  Since it's a minimalist living, you also get to use the room for different function, besides the obvious. 
What attracts me most in small spaces / house living is its simplicity and the vision that anyone can have a home.  Some of these are built as container houses, RV-style, backyard office space, etc.

I can't afford to buy a house and lot yet.  I can only afford to rent a place.  And this would mean, living in a studio or one-bedroom apartment.  Decorating it as what was above, I can definitely feel at home.

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