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Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Personal Website seemed unimportant for Filipinos?

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I recently visited a website called CAREEREALISM and bumped into this post - click here.  According to the post, you have been missing a lot when you have don't have a personal website.

I have blogs which I consider my personal websites.  I may not write / post regularly but I do try to post at least once a month and that's my goal.  Of course, that doesn't really work well.  My problem is managing too much blogs.  I can't think of what to write anymore.  So I segregated them by theme - finance, random, Tagalog, English and Writing - all of them are personal.

Now, what the writer suggests is for everyone to have a personal website, particularly job hunters.  Personal websites pretty much sums up what you do, how you do it, client base, network, etc.  In short, your own personal brand.  It's basically selling what you know.  And for others, they are effective, especially for service professionals.

However, I don't think it is applicable for Filipinos for obvious reasons:
  • Employers don't check your websites.  There are few potential employers that do check websites you indicated in your CV.  But for other employers, and I have asked a few, they don't really check anymore.  They don't have time.
  • Not everyone has internet access.  Well, for those employers, I just feel this is an excuse.  There are internet subscription plans prepaid and SIM cards are cheap.
  • You're Bragging.  "Kayabangan nga naman".  We feel that having a personal website makes us look boastful.  And honestly, this is what I feel.
I have been blogging for several years and all those years, I have never revealed my real name - so I can tell myself, I'm not bragging.

But the writer (of the post) had a point.  You want to showcase your achievements and your expertise and a personal website can help.

Here's how:
  • Can land you a better job
  • Can land you your first client
  • Opens new opportunities, maybe be eventually venture into business
  • Shows your expertise
I have written my blog links in my CV and gotten me sweet opportunities.  Blogs have helped me got my writing gigs.  And it may not be consistent, but I can write them all in my CV as a reference.

So it's safe to say, personal websites work.  Hope you make one soon.

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