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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Facebook "Likes" - For Sale

I recently made a Facebook Page trying my luck in online selling.  I am a bit nervous about it cause I haven't done that before.  So far, my contacts are reliable, especially since they've done this longer than me.

Since my Facebook page is relatively new (just 2 weeks old), I need to get as many "likes" as possible to at least get it started.  I found someone who can do that in just 2 days.  Thanks to  I paid to get roughly 2,000 likes on my page.. almost instantly.

However, having many likes doesn't mean many sales.  But still, it gets my page across.


Advantages of having many Facebook likes:
-  Your posts (products) are posted to as many people across within minutes of posting it.
-  Many people know your page and products.
-  Promotion is easy.

-  Many likes doesn't mean many sales
-  Not targeted to your preferred customers

Again, as much as I loved that I got that many likes, I am saddened that I didn't get my anticipated sales target.. yet!

Here are a few techniques I currently do as follow-up on my Facebook Likes (to meet my sales target):
  • Put ads on Sulit.
  • Put ads on my blogs.
  • Invite friends to like my page more.
  • Tell friends to share my posts.
There may still be more effort needed but I loved that I made the initiative to pursue business, even at the comforts of my home.

Hope you can check my Facebook Page:  MIXX AND MATCHES


  1. i wonder how do they do that Facebook likes. Technical ako pero I still wonder :D

  2. I don't know either. But I guess, since he already has a facebook page with 500K followers, it's easy to get that many likes with just one "ad" to his page.



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