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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Learn, Earn and Travel - Australia

Note:  I am not endorsing any companies.  Simply curious about their program and am taking it into consideration for future plans.

I have always wanted to experience traveling.  Am not really that adventurous but it doesn't hurt to try, explore new place, culture, food, and meet new friends.

But when I travel, I need to have a purpose.  I don't just want to explore, I want to learn and gain experience.  I am actually looking for a paid vacation.

One of the things that made me interested is the Work and Study program available in Australia.  Being a Filipino, there are a lot of restrictions for us to travel especially applying for Visa.  But with a guided application, there are minimal or no rejection - when the purpose is to study.  

Foundations / Institutions that offer Work & Study Program :

Apex International Exchanges offers language courses - further enhancement, future college application, IELTS preparation, etc.  They also help in processing and preparation of your Student Visa.  You can check out their fees and how they can help you in their website.  From the comments, they are very helpful and approachable.  They answer your inquiries promptly (will inquire one soon).  Their programs are open to all Nationalities.

ILCS Language School is another institution in Australia that offer work and study program.  Their programs are mostly regarding language enhancement to prepare you for work or study programs.

Both institutions will help you in preparation for the job but it doesn't guarantee you'll get a job.  It is still up to you, your skills, language proficiency and ability to do the task.  They will also not guarantee the salary to be given, so better be prepared with your negotiation skills.

They also offer internship programs - paid and unpaid.  Explore their sites more for details.

Heed of warning (something to keep in mind):
  • You still need to indicate that you can pay the program / tuition fees even if you don't get a job.
  • Processing fees are paid by the applicant / student, not the institution.  This is required by the Australian government and had nothing to do with the institution.
  • Not all payments are upfront.  However, you still need to prove you can pay the tuition for the whole course duration, so it is advisable to be prepared.
  • Work placement is not a guarantee.  But when you do get a job, this will help in your living expenses while in Australia. 

If interested, kindly look at the link to both institutions to explore their programs.   These are open to all nationalities.

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