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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things To Do Instead of Spending Money

Money can't buy happiness... and according to Mind, Body, Green, there are 35 things you can do instead of spending money.  I can't really enumerate them all, as some of it aren't applicable to me.  

So I'll be doing my version of things to do instead of spending money.  Like what the Money Saving Mom did.

Here's mine:
  • Walk around.  I like walking inside mall.  Others think its depressing but I am one of those who aren't an impulse buyer.  It's not the same as spontaneous buyer.. hahaha!  If you don't like in the mall, walk in the park or within the suburbs.  Just walk.  It's therapeutic - increases endorphins - and helps you lose weight.
  • Chat with friends.  I would prefer face-to-face conversations but if it's not possible, chatting with friends is okay. 
  • Drinking coffee.  Three-in-one is fine with me.  It doesn't have to be expensive.
  • Movie Marathon / TV Series Marathon.  I am addicted to TV.  I am glued to the couch when watching something I love.  Helps me relax.
  • Organize your clutter / drawer / closet.  Clutter can be everything.  I like arranging my accessories.  It's not cluttered but I like to rearrange them.
  • Watch harmless pranks in YouTube.  If I feel down and I need an immediate boost, I look for a good laugh.  You can look at the "No laughing Series" or "Gaki No Tsukai" Videos.  It's a Japanese sitcom with a twist.  Participants can't laugh, at anything.  Just hilarious!
  • Read a Book.  I get lost in space whenever I read a really really good book, particularly romance.
  • Cook.  Not eat.  
  • Take a Shower.  Sometimes, having a shower is all it takes to ease your day.  :)
  • Get your hands dirty.  You can either plant in your garden or in a pot, make your own jewelry, make your own bracelets, etc.  Just keep your hands moving.
  • Listen to music.  Apparently, people are more productive when they listen to music while working.  I guess that's true.  I feel something missing when I don't hear music in the office.
There are more, and I can't write all of them.  These are just some of what I can think of that are free and very easy.  I just hope it helps you relax too and stop thinking about spending.

Share with us your thoughts.


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