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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Taking the first step

I admire people who took the leap of faith and are now reaping the benefits.  It doesn't matter if it is as trivial as going to the mall and buying items on sale, or as extreme as resigning from a company to pursue a lifelong dream of going into business.  The theme is the same... taking the leap of faith to uncertainty.

I have taken mostly a step simply because I was scared to fail.  And when I fail, I know I will fall flat on my face.  It is embarrassing, the most humiliating.  And I don't want that for me.

Charlie Day, actor and writer of "It's always sunny in Philadephia", gave one of the funniest yet inspiring speech to graduates of Merrimack College, his alma mater.

He pointed out that we don't need to be fearless, but it shouldn't stop us to becoming great.  We are all destined for greatness (Megamind) and a quote from Bill Cosby, "In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

It is scary to go into the great unknown.  But without failure, without risks, what else is there?  Do we really appreciate what we have if it was handed over to us?

It is always hard to take the first step into financial success.  I hate it.  If I can avoid it, I will.  But whenever I am faced with a need, I face a dilemma of finding or looking for other means to provide.  Do we want to live in debt?  Do we like facing our debtors?  Do we like going through friends and family for financial help or do we want to be empowered?

Savings and investing take time.  It's not instant, unlike the 3-in-1 coffee.  But if we keep postponing investing or savings, we will eventually ran of options and start to look for our friends, family, sons and daughters to provide for us.

Determine your goals, what do you want to achieve.  In 20 years time, what do you want to do? 

That should keep you motivated.

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