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Monday, May 19, 2014

Why I blog

I have written several posts about reasons why I blog... and although, it had evolved and varied in reasons, one thing remained constant - to make money.

I would have to say that it is much harder than it seems. It doesn't work overnight, like everyone had pointed out.  And after several blogs, I have managed to stuck with one.  Unfortunately, I don't get paid there.  But I liked that I get to express even the trivial.  I have managed to get several followers who are as crazy as me ... (or at least understands my craziness. LOL).

  • I blog because I wanted to learn and share what I learned.
  • I wanted to keep talking without being a douche or get judged for getting crazy, because let's face it, they're as crazy as me.  
  • And most importantly, I want to earn without the conventional 9-5 job.
The last one would take a while to achieve but at least, I'm getting started.  I have nothing against people who have regular conventional jobs, as a matter of fact, I have one.  But I also know myself.  I know I get bored easily.  Researching, reading and learning new things are some of the ways that spice up my everyday life... aside from TV.

I have been fascinated with personal finance.  I am a FINANCE major that didn't even fully understood personal finance or finance for that matter.  I still have a long way to go.  It would be a lot better to have someone learn it with me and exchange ideas, and challenge me.

I find that the only way I can find like minded people is to write it down and get across.  I have friends and families who share the same principle but it's not enough.

So, I am open to several of your comments, suggestions, advice even opinions as to how I can improve my knowledge, understanding and even challenge me to do personal finance everyday.  That's how I come up with saving tips.

I am also wondering why you blog.

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