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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kid's Summer Jobs

Summer doesn't necessarily mean fun.  For students, I would think is a very boring time.  Since they don't go to school, it ultimately means "no allowance".  And that also means, more time at home.  

Students (kids) aren't as happy as you expect just because it's summer and schools out.  They may not be enthused about going to school, but they are happy when it comes to allowances.

Maybe we should think about giving them something to do and earn at the same time.  You might be surprised at how much kids would step up, just for a bit of cash.

Some summer jobs for kids:
  • Cleaning houses.  I, for one, don't like cleaning.  And I can imagine kids not being so excited about cleaning their rooms too.  But it's a different story if you tell them they get paid doing so.  I remembered friends being so excited about household chores because his parents pay him (in addition to his allowance).  He doesn't complain about chores or cleaning anymore.  I guess that would work for me too.
  • Ice and Ice candy for sale.  Make this as your kids' project.  They can count how many ice and ice candies they can make, and let them count also how many they sold.  You can discuss with them what capital is by telling them the cost of the raw materials needed to make ice and ice candy (example, plastics for ice, plastic bags, electricity, water, flavorings, etc.).  Same can be said for halo-halo and pearl shakes.
  • Babysitting.  Filipinos know the concept of community as a family.   Neighbors can baby sit each others kids.  But on a part time basis, it can work especially for families with both parents working.
  • Gardening.  I don't like trimming grasses.  Sadly, there are times when I have to.  You can ask kids to do this task, with your supervision.
A bit more complicated jobs (not just for summer):
  • Writing / Essay projectsIt may not be exciting, but when you explain to them that they can actually earn writing, they may think twice about it.  Of course, with your help, you can edit, correct and spell check their writings before submission.  You can set their fee for every submitted essays.
  • Buying and Selling.  Same concept as the ice and ice candy.  But you can enhance it by teaching them how to do it online - thru facebook, particularly.
Of course, these aren't the only summer jobs you can suggest for your kids.  You could probably ask them to volunteer and do some errands in your office for a minimal fee.  That would enhance their sense of responsibility and be aware that their allowance didn't just pop up.  They need to earn.

This will also develop their work ethics and be more productive in the future.

*  Photos taken from Google Images

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