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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Is it easy to have your own business?

I don't know your reason but for me, starting a business or having one has always been my dream.  It didn't push through before but that didn't discourage me in having one again.

I have encountered and will still encounter hindrances, especially working abroad and everything, but it doesn't mean it couldn't work.  There are a lot of business or even freelance work you can start without the traditional office space you would imagine.

Not that I don't like working with my boss around or having a boss for that matter, and I know it's even more hard work to have your business than being an employee, but there is a satisfaction I feel in having a business or completing a freelance project.  However,having a business or doing something on your own may not be for everyone. 

Is it easy to have your own business?

Before that, you probably have to ask yourself:
-  do you have the right attitude?
-  do you have the work ethics?
-  are you willing to work more than usual?
-  are you willing to market your business?

Those questions could get you discourage, but try answering those questions honestly.


  • Certificates, Diplomas and Licenses are not always required.   
When establishing an online business, it is not always necessary to have licenses.  Although, I think today, Department of Trade and Industry requires it now, especially if you are issuing receipts.

But, freelance works, writing assignments, and other online work often don't require certificates as long as you do the job well.  You'll be in-demand in no-time.  It doesn't hurt to work on your skills more.  Continuous education is still advantageous.

  • People are more appreciative now 
People and business owners now value, more than ever, their resources - be it employees, suppliers or clients.  I'm not saying people aren't appreciative before, they just value it more today.  It is difficult to find suppliers and freelancers that are reliable and great.
If you do well, chances are, they'll work with you again.  And what better way to show their appreciation by being loyal to you.  Note that if you're not satisfied with your work, your clients won't be too.  So always do your best.

  • Communications are cheap - and there are so many.
I love that there are so many coffee shops that offer free wifi and they're fast.  I also liked the accessibility.  I love that most people have internet and are connected all the time.  Facebook, Viber, Skype, WeChat and other instant messengers are all free and are actually really helpful when communicating with your clients.  You can even see them thru conferencing.  Who says only big companies can do that?

  • Be a consultant
Even when I haven't established my online biz, I have always wanted to impart business awareness.  It isn't easy to convince people that business is better than being an employee.   It took me a while to consider "confidence" as a factor in establishing a business.  But regardless, I am still open and will look for means to better myself, as an employee or an entrepreneur.  And eventually, be a consultant - which probably what I'm doing now.

To answer the title, is it easy to have your own business?  Honestly NO.  It's even more work and more effort but also REWARDING.
Source:  Wisebread

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